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Oh Hi Hello


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Foil 01:54
Lately I've been wanting more than I let on. I guess I thought I'd have more fun but maybe this is all it's like, the glorified, introvert single life. I should get a dog to take on walks and bounce my thoughts off. That might teach me discipline or at least he could at some of my jokes, or say things to pump up my self-worth, and I'd say things to pump up his self-worth.
Glass 01:27
So it goes. You hit it on the nose. I act like I'm supposed to and I get off and I slink home. See a picture avoid eye contact, I'm sure you get how I'm shit scared that I'll like it. But I've been fine behind the glass my who life, man. If I sort of, I'll find myself a portal, some cat's asshole to crawl through where I wake up with my own tattoos I could be proud of, not overthink, not fucking dumb, not someone else's
Swimmer 01:15
Head and heart and tongue in a blender, what a splendor to just be bored on the weekend every weekend. 1989, I was a sex cell, just a swimmer to pass the time in a nutshell. Ain't it great to sprout two legs and a dick and some fingers? And some stupid opinions? What a shame to go out a waste, becoming a cum stain, on your dad's couch in the 80s.
Wood 01:13
Coffee gets burned, zone out on something I'm always overcooked. Holding out for the holes in the wall, wishing the mice would come play more. Sometimes I wish you would say more. How I'd end up roped in before things got started? And I'd catch the mood, morning would limp by before I'd even move, afternoon hangs on tip sun goes down, with slaps a cold spoon to my teeth. Lately I feel like I'm forcing the easy things 'oh hi hello what's your name what's my name again?'. Take breaths remember to talk slow.
Bug 02:25
Ok I'm awake. At least I think, am I supposed to answer that? Dream me says 'yes', real me says 'I don't know, just play it safe, you always ruin everything when you guess'. Tough love. Eat a bug so I become one and stop overthinking things. Just shit, breed, get sleep on the ceiling. If I don't remember anything when I wake up then I'm in luck. Split lips, coffee breath, I thought I'd wake up before I felt it sink in, start to split, spread and set in.
Float 01:33
The dream where I'm floating in a glass jar of mayonnaise feels like the real thing more every Wednesday I'm home staring at the TV. Maybe I need a companion, or at least a couple plants in here. Sweat through my new sheets, woke up in a salt sea, dreamt you it smelt clean. So who needs the real thing when I got the week days at home staring at the ceiling? Why should I get out of bed if I just overcook my eggs again. I always overcook companionship. I'm just trying not to kill the plants again.
Fruit Punch 01:06
My gums bleed when I floss so I smile and pretend it's fruit punch. Swish water, spit, I can change how I live when I get bored I guess. My back's an astronomy map of moles I should get checked out but I don't. I'm scared to kill Scroedinger's cat I live life with the lid closed instead. Iain't causing shit, I'm never at my best when I'm upset at myself.
Tuna 02:03
I want a tuna melt and I want some desert. I want to freeze my mom and dad in time so bad it hurts, gotta figure my shit out first. I want a new guitar or a girl with nice perfume to address elephants in rooms that I'm scared to go into. I could build a whole house. We could build a zoo.
Goo 01:38
Guess I'm art sort of, a boring self-portrait of a pear in a jar getting weird in your kitchen. I'm scared that I'll turn to goo soon if no body eats it. How come I never speak up when I'm feeling ripe to be picked up and chewed into pulp by some pretty white teeth at a picnic. Hooray self-awareness! I caught myself laughing at air again. Arrogance only embarrassed him. I know I'm fruit turned to goo because nobody ate it. I guess I never knew ripe, or if I ever hit I slept through and woke up as slime sliding through somebody's fingers.


released September 1, 2017

Sad Cactus Records

Conor McCann - guitar/vocals
Dylan Vaisey - drums
Dan Lynch - bass

Engineered, mixed, and mastered by Dave Drago at 1809 studios


all rights reserved



BIG FRED Rochester, New York

Three boys in Rochester, NY making music

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